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DocNow Direct Pay is a unique subscription-based program which provides patients access to a network of physicians without prejudice or pre-existing conditions or requiring co-existing health insurance.

Get higher reimbursements

DocNow Direct Pay offers our patient members direct access to our network of physicians without the need for costly health insurance. For our physician members, we pay a set fee/visit based on agreed rates without the need for any paperwork or having to reclaim from insurance companies.

DocNow DirectPay is


Highly efficient operational model against any unforeseen risk factors associated with changes in healthcare system

Lower Risk

Moving away from a risk-sharing model to a very low risk model.

No Surprises

Fixed reimbursement rates to significantly reduce operating costs.

No Billing

No billing or collections required — automatic payment to reduce time required in dealing with claims referrals approvals etc.​

Patient Care

Practice is focused on patient care rather than responsibilities of running a complicated financial model

Higher Pay Out

The practitioners’ rates are at par or higher, than industry standards.

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No. DocNow is not an insurance company. Unlike an insurance company, DocNow is not legally responsible to accept another party’s risk of loss in exchange for payment. In other words, our contracts are designed to provide affordable physician access to our members without acting as an insurance provider. DocNow is not licensed to be an insurance provider in any State in the country and as such is not regulated by insurance board or regulatory body.

DocNow offers a direct relationship between patients and physicians without the need for health insurance. DocNow is not an insurance company. We offer a membership to patients to join our network of physicians to receive healthcare.

There are currently two healthcare packages to choose from. Each package offers different specialties. A list of procedures covered will be discussed during the membership sign up.

DocNow Direct Pay does not cover hospitalization or emergency room procedures. You can choose to purchase a third party catastrophic insurance. However, DocNow Direct Pay is not directly or indirectly responsible for managing those plans on behalf of either the provider or patient.

DocNow Direct Pay currently offers two different packages. To learn more contact us on:

DocNow Direct Pay has made every effort to provide best in class medical care to our patients. The entire team of patient Relations Managers (PRM) is fully dedicated to providing best healthcare outcomes for our patients. If the patient is not satisfied by the Healthcare Provider, a PRM will work with you directly to provide a satisfactory resolution.

Yes, DocNow does provide discount for Small Businesses depending on the size of your organization. Our mission is to provide very affordable healthcare to employees of Small Businesses.

You can keep your health insurance via your employer and still sign up with DocNow Direct Pay to save money. This is ideal for healthy individuals with no chronic issues.

No. There is no co-pay as we are not an insurance company. However, there is a $20/visit service charge in addition to the monthly subscription fee.

Please fill out the form on "contact us" on the menu. A DocNow customer advocate will contact you to discuss your needs and suggest options.

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